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Repetitive Peripheral Inductive Stimulation in Comprehensive Physiotherapeutic Approach – A Case Study

Žarković D.

Fakulta tělesné výchovy a sportu UK, Praha, Česká republika

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Cílem této případové studie bylo integrovat rPIS (repetitive peripheral inductive stimulation - opakovaná periferní indukční stimulace) do komplexního fyzioterapeutického přístupu k léčbě pacientů s postraumatickým respiračním a muskuloskeletálním onemocněním.


Repetitive peripheral inductive stimulation (rPIS) uses high-intensity electromagnetic field, which passes through neural tissue in which, electric current causing change in action potential is induced. As the currents are carrying an electric signal to the muscle, muscle contraction is achived. rPIS is a method covering multiple therapeutic effects in various medical branches. By affecting neuromuscular tissue, rPIS is indicated in treatment of various conditions of musculoskeletal and neural system.

Cíl studie

Device Super Inductive System (SIS; BTL Industries Ltd.) was used to achieve pain relief, myorelaxative and breathing enhancement effect.


A 29-year-old male patient underwent a 4-week comprehensive therapeutic protocol comprised of total 16 therapies. Spirometry and kinesiology evaluation were used to compare the patient's condition 'before and after'. In therapy, a hand-held applicator type "focused field" was used to treat affected areas. As the device allows setting wide range of therapeutic parameters, various stimulation frequencies were used to achieve different therapeutic effects.


The 4-week protocol with SIS resulted into improvement of spirometric parameters. Statistically significant changes in SVC, FVC and MVV profile were observed. A positive effect was also observed in his musculoskeletal system, where numerous painful muscle spasms, leading to scoliotic trunk assymetry were eliminated.


This case study suggest that rPIS can be effectively integrated in comprehensive physiotherapy treatment and covers various therapeutic effects. Although, the study represents only one case, statistically significant changes in respiratory and musculoskeletal system were observed.


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